Drama is the bright spot of the end of my week.
Nancy Anderson, age 89, Attleboro Village

The brightest spot of my week is attending Friday morning drama group. When
I’m up there performing suddenly I have no pains anymore. What a relief!
Marilyn Weinstein, 85, Attleboro Village

I’ve been acting since I was in sixth grade when I acted the part of Mrs. Goldberg.
And that pushed me into middle school where we had the one-act state
competition. And I loved acting in front of big crowds. And now PSS has provided
me to strut my stuff at the age of 92.
Rose Movitch, 92, Attleboro Village

I’m now as comfortable standing on the stage as I was cowering in the back of
the theatre when I was younger. I can now perform on the stage – such power!
Edna Guy, 88, Attleboro Village

When the show begins with me singing the opening number, I feel the adrenaline
rush. The theatre has always been my love and this drama group helps me to
fulfill my early dreams.
Janis Kind, 84, Attleboro Village

I enjoy Friday with the “inmates”. I enjoy watching them leave the room when I
start acting. I never know what I’m doing here, and probably never will. And I keep
coming back for more. And I enjoy it immensely!.
Lew Ingersoll, 89, Attleboro Village

I jump out of bed on Friday mornings eager to attend the drama group. This is my
first experience with drama and I find the group so supportive. I feel the warmth
of the group, I have met new friends – and at age 74, I’m the baby of the group.
When I first got on the stage two years ago, I was kind of lost, but through expert
direction I have found my way.
Debbie Gable, 74, Attleboro Village

Fridays with Robb are the highlight of my week. Not only does he understand
each of us and our intricate personalities but he brings out our talent.
Doris Harrah, 82, Attleboro Village

Only the drama group and Robb could bring me kicking and screaming to
perform on stage!
Sally Warner, 90, Attleboro Village

The Martins Run Drama Club rehearses in a room right across the hall from my
office. I often hear the sounds of singing, laughter, and high drama coming from
the rehearsal space, which inevitably draws me out of my office to listen. I love to
stand in the back of the room and watch the joy on the faces of the actors and
actresses as they go through their paces. For them, this is Hollywood, Broadway,
and Vaudeville – all wrapped up in one! Clearly, the dramatic impulse knows no
age limits.
Linda M. Sterthous
Chief Executive Officer
Martins Run

Under Robb’s great guidance he’s brought my previous acting experiences to the
Shirley Levy, 83, Martins Run

I always think of theatre as a miracle. There are so many things that have to come
together at one time. And when it gels, it’s magic!”
Lillian Friedenreich, 85, Martins Run

I’m glad to be working with an experienced director. It’s a pleasure. He’s bring out
some of the depths of my personality.
Marvin Rosensweig, 81, Martins Run

I love being in show business again. It take me to a different plane!
Ruth Haas, 90, Martins Run

An actor’s life is hell.
Lillian Friedenreich, 85, Martins Run

I love the experience. Robb has given me the opportunity to do something I never
did before. A taste of theatre. I love it.
Lou Cooper, 87, Martins Run

I never thought I could do something like this. I never thought I could perform in
front of an audience., but thanks to Robb it’s starting to come naturally to me.
Harold Watts, 78, Martins Run

Tuesday morning is the highlight of my week. I love Robb. He inspires me to do
better than I thought I could.
Sydell Sussman, 84, Shannondell

A great group. Lots of fun. You should have seen me 60 years ago!
Curt Logan, 84, Shannondell

You’re never too old to pretend. At 90 I can attest to that. I look forward to
Tuesday mornings.
Kit Von Funk, 90, Shannondell

Learning to act has been a wonderful experience. The first time I acted in a play
was over 60 years ago. I stuttered badly as a child and I was asked to be in a play.
And I found I was more afraid of stuttering in public than in everyday life. So after
my first play, I never stuttered again!
Matt Dellarco, 80, Shannondell

Hearing that Robb was conducting drama classes gave me the opportunity to be
on stage again since high school and getting the training has been a treat.
Kathleen Bullock, 70, Shannondell

My father, a vaudeville tap dancer taught me thirty-two songs by age 2. And I
continued to sing and be in musical comedy for many years in my life – but
always in the chorus. And now Robb turned me into a little starlet taking center
stage alone!
Marilyn Bell, 74, Shannondell

I knew I could do it. This acting business is fun. I learned everything from my
Mark Markoff, 79, Shannondell

I joined Actors Studio as a photographer and the next thing I knew I had a
soliloquy and a musical solo to sing. And I was bitten by the bug.
Dick Hammel, 75, Shannondell

When Robb called me about 4 years ago I thought his idea of a drama group
would never work, he met the Simpson House residents and they loved him! So
here we are 4 years later with about 4 shows done, here at Simpson House and
we have taken our Shows on the road to Simpson Meadows, AARP meetings,
Church groups and even an interview with channel 12.
Patty Gallagher,
Director of Life Enrichment,
Simpson House

I haven’t done any acting since grammar school and I’ve always loved plays. I’m
so glad to become an actor again. And I’ve found myself here.
Jim Rhineschmidt, 89

As an only child I have always enjoyed being somebody else in all the plays in
school. I’m glad at this age – I’ll be 87 next month – I have this outlet.

Jean Flickinger, 87

The most fun I’ve had in a coon’s age.
Lee Rosenthal, 94

I look forward to Thursday afternoon drama classes. So much fun!
Carole Solomon, 86

I think right now what we’re doing is very helpful and I know there are some
people who have worked on the stage before. In the service I became stage
manager for the USO in France. And a week after Glenn Miller died, I had the
pleasure of presenting his orchestra to the soldiers. I was the back stage guy for
years but now with the theatre group at Rosemont I’m having fun being the “ham”
on the other side of the curtain.
George Flickinger, 88