Musical Theatre

Appreciation and Song



Keep singing in the shower, but join us for eight sessions to explore the evolution of this melodious form of theatrical expression. This class is designed for both non-singers and talented crooners. They will have the opportunity to appreciate the songs of the greatest composers and lyricists while receiving top-notch instruction in vocal and acting technique.”

My father, a vaudeville tap dancer taught me thirty-two songs by age 2. And I continued to sing and be in musical comedy for many years in my life – but always in the chorus. And now Robb turned me into a little starlet taking center stage alone!”- Marilyn Bell, 74, Shannondell
I joined Actors Studio as a photographer and the next thing I knew I had a soliloquy and a musical solo to sing. And I was bitten by the bug.”- Dick Hammel, 75, Shannondell