Comedy Improv

The Art of Spontaneity and Laughter



Anyone can improvise! Some moments in life are unexpected and full of surprise. The same is true on the stage. Improvisational Theater – or “improv” – can be seriously good fun, developing teamwork and releasing spontaneity and creativity. Improv gives participants permission to let their hair down (that is, what’s left of it!) and express themselves in a manner never thought possible at this stage of their lives. Senior adults who have taken this course testify that they love both the opportunity to play different characters and the camaraderie generated within the group. No acting experience necessary– just an open mind. Have we mentioned that it’s fun? And no memorization required!

You’re never too old to pretend. At 90 I can attest to that. I look forward to Tuesday mornings.- Kit Von Funk, 90, Shannondell