Our Mission


Philly Senior Stage is dedicated to providing the thrill of the performing arts to senior adults in their own communities –

  • bringing entertaining shows TO your residents,
  • conducting dynamic classes FOR your residents, and
  • producing shows performed BY your residents.

Our mission is to utilize the art form called theatre to unlock and unleash the creative energy residing in us all.

Philly Senior Stage is accomplishing its mission!

After performing in a show at her retirement community an 84 year old woman confides that she has always “been bitten by the show biz bug” but never had the courage or opportunity to strut her stuff – until now.
A 96 year old man thanks Robb profusely for adding “joy and meaning to his life” – after he belted the showʼs opening number, performed a comedic sketch in front of his great-grandchildren and felt the adrenaline rush from the audienceʼs applause.
A feisty 57 year old living in a 55+ residential community attests that she took a comedy improv class in a city theatre school recently but felt “inferior that she couldnʼt jump into the scenes like the kids in their twenties.” Taking a Philly Senior Stage improv class with adults her own age was “validating, fun and rewarding”


Philly Senior Stage in action!